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Fingerfood & Canapés

Fingerfood catering and the finest canapés are a highlight for every event. Spoil yourself and your guests with the innovative finger food creations and canapés from GOOSE Gourmet.

Fingerfood and canapés:
its your choice!

You know classic finger food in all conceivable variations from many other event catering companies in Frankfurt am Main and are looking for new and innovative finger food catering with which you can really surprise your guests and/or customers? You have come to the right place!

Finger food is ideal for parties, birthdays, receptions, shop openings, etc., because hardly any cutlery and crockery is needed, because the food can be led directly to the mouth. Fingerfood catering is also particularly space-saving and is therefore perfect for events in private homes or smaller meeting rooms.

GOOSE Gourmet offers finger food and canapé catering throughout the Rhine-Main region: from Frankfurt and Offenbach to Hanau and Bad Homburg to Mainz and Wiesbaden.

We offer our exquisite culinary snacks in different variations; on request we will gladly send you our various finger food menus to choose from.

Our Finger Food portfolio includes:

• Classic finger food
• Noble and fine finger food
• Creative finger food
• Colorful canapés
• Pastry
• Finger foods in a jar
• Vegetarian & vegan finger food

We offer the following services for our Finger Food & Canapé Caterings

• Delivery to the desired location
• Set up of the finger food buffet
• Labelling of finger food incl. menu
• Cutlery & crockery rental
• Presentation of fingerfoods & canapés on high-quality trays
• Decoration of the finger food buffet
• service personnel
• Bar tables and other event furniture

Just send us a short message - or give us a call: 0 69/25 66 77 93.

Finger Food Frankfurt Style

Frankfurt is not only known for its spectacular skyline, but also for its traditional Frankfurt specialities. Whether Frankfurt 'Grüne Soße' (Green Sauce) - prepared from the famous fresh 7-herbs - or the aromatic 'Handkäs mit Musik' (a local cheese): it has to be unique and hearty.

GOOSE Gourmet, however, also adds something extra: modernity. Because that's exactly what defines our cooking style. For our Frankfurt finger food, we do not simply fry or cook the meat, but prepare it at a constant temperature, put into a vacuum bag with fresh herbs, in a water bath – all of that for several hours. This keeps the meat juicy and gently cooked without losing any of its flavour.

We offer various Frankfurt Finger Food specialities:
• Frankfurt Tapas
• Frankfurt finger food in glass
• Typical Frankfurt delicacies, beautifully arranged on a presentation tray
• Sweet Frankfurt style Fingerfoods & Canapés

Vegetarian & Vegan Finger Food Catering

Modern people are living a more and more vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle. We will prove to you that vegetarian finger foods do not simply leave out the meat! Our Fingerfoods & Canapés are designed so that none of your event guests will even miss the meat on them!

For our finger food we use only selected vegetables and fruit from the region. We buy every ingredient for our catering ourselves, so that we can guarantee 100% freshness and select only the best ingredients for our dishes.

As befits a healthy and balanced diet, our Fingerfoods & Canapés are colourfully composed of vitamin-rich vegetables in red, green or violet, fresh fruit, wild herbs, crunchy nuts and not to forget our most important ingredient: our love and passion for detail.

Fingerfood catering
for Frankfurt and neighborhood

The finger food and canapé caterings of GOOSE Gourmet are available throughout the Rhine-Main area: from Frankfurt and Offenbach via Hanau and Bad Homburg the Taunus to Mainz and Wiesbaden.

Just send us a short message - or give us a call: 0 69/25 66 77 93.

Canapé Catering

Canapés are small exquisite snacks that can be eaten without cutlery and dishes. A canapé catering is best suited where the catering takes place during the actual event. The perfect occasions for canapés are: Wedding catering, receptions, trade fair catering, birthday catering, company celebrations, shop opening events...

We offer our canapés as a flying buffet or as a set up buffet. Here, too, you can immediately see our eye and love for the little details in the design of every one of our creations, because canapés in particular can be prepared and garnished very beautifully with lots of colour and creativity.

No matter if it is a trade fair catering at the Frankfurt fair grounds, a company event at the Frankfurt airport or a private occasion to celebrate in Königstein/Taunus: Talk to us! We will put together a suitable Canapé Buffet Catering for your event, perfectly tailored to your ideas.

On request we also offer the following additional services:
• Trained service personnel
• Drinks Catering
• Event decoration
• Crockery and glass rental
• Bar tables and other furniture

Of course we deliver our Canapé Catering to your desired location, no matter if it is in Frankfurt am Main, Kronberg, Königstein, Bad Homburg, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Dreieich, Neu-Isenburg, Offenbach or Hanau.

We serve the canapés on noble marble plates, slate plates, wood plates, glass plates, silver trays or according to your desires.

Flying Fingerfood Catering

We offer you an extraordinary finger food selection of Flying Finger Foods and Canapés, in sweet and hearty varieties, simple and exotic versions, vegetarian, with fish or meat or very special and fun fingerfood variations for children!

With us, you will find a finger food menu consisting of finger food classics with a modern, unique twist, many very own GOOSE Gourmet Finger Food creations - and: You are welcome to create the Finger Food Catering according to your ideas together with us!

Simply send us a short Finger Food Catering request via our contact form and we will contact you immediately with a non-binding offer!

Any questions?
Just send us a short message - or give us a call: 0 69/25 66 77 93.